SEO for Amazon

Scale Your Business

Amazon is no doubt the e-commerce powerhouse of the world today and is used by the majority of people in the western world. Many businesses don’t even realise they can sell their products through Amazon’s platform. If you’re selling online and you’re not on Amazon, you really are missing a trick! Why not take advantage of an existing customer base with over 300 million active monthly users? There is a real need to capitalise on the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace and shift in consumer habits. Not only does Amazon give you incremental revenue opportunities, but it also allows you to take advantage of European and other international markets.

Optimisation & PPC

Social Loop use specialist software tools which allow us to conduct an in-depth analysis of your niche and competitors. From this we can then develop a strategy which allows us to optimise your product page from an SEO, descriptive and aesthetic point of view. If your content isn’t A+ then simply put, you aren’t top of the class. Being top of class doesn’t come easy, but with our experts we have the knowledge to excel. Ultimately, if you’re going to get on the Amazon wheel, there is a need to operate at the highest level.

FBA set-up is a timely process, but once you have all your ducks in a row, your logistics and inventory can be managed more easily. Like all 3rd party platforms such as Facebook and Google, conducting highly optimised ads will project your growth and allow you to remain more competitive in a busy marketplace. Our test and learn approach allow us to constantly tweak and adapt, whilst maximising your ROI.