Content Creation

Content is King

As they say in the industry, content is king! We have a loopy team of experts who live and breathe visually stunning content. With everything from motion graphics to slick email design, Social Loop offers the full works regarding effective content.

We create compelling content that not only delivers your key brand message but also evokes emotion. We want to give your customers content which they’ll click because they want to look at as it’s grabbed their attention, and follow you because they want to see more.

In an ever-changing social media landscape - it’s imperative your brand stands out from the crowd and tells a story along the way. We provide you with the value your content needs to be relevant and rewarding to your audience.

Graphic Design

Striking visuals and engaging content are the bread and butter of your digital presence. Graphic design is a fundamental concept within marketing as it helps engage and communicate with customers. As an industry, digital marketing is constantly evolving and requires companies to consistently provide fresh, engaging content in order to stand out amongst others. Forming a connection with the viewer is essential, and effective graphics emphasise and strengthen brand identity. Social Loop are experts at understanding how to elevate your brand through bold creative concepts and most importantly, ensuring you stick in your customer’s mind. The ideas and possibilities with design are endless so if you’ve got an idea and don't understand how to execute it - we’re here to provide answers!

Photography & Videography

Photographs and video footage can help tell a story and connect businesses and audiences like no other medium. At Social Loop, we believe photography & videography are essential to how your brand is communicated. We firmly believe clear, high-quality content really does make the difference to a brand. We will facilitate the process from concept, to location, models, and editing - making the entire shoot as effortless as possible. We ensure to capture dynamic footage during our photo & video shoots, which has a lasting impact on your desired audience when viewed. Professional photography & videography send an incredibly powerful brand message that when further combined with effective graphic design and motion graphics help your business stand out.  

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics offer a unique opportunity to present your brand concepts, as they deliver information across multiple mediums at once, combining audio and visuals with dynamic motion to create encapsulating user experiences. As motion graphics deliver so much information in a concise format they lead to higher conversion rates, longer time spent on sites and further exposure, as users are more likely to watch a short video than read a wall of text.

Our experts at Social Loop can create bespoke 2D and 3D motion graphics that can elevate your content and truly bring it to life. Motion graphics are perfect for product videos, social media posts, explainer videos and to enhance your digital campaigns. Motion graphics positively engage your audience and deliver your message in an entertaining format that makes your content stand out in the competitive digital crowd!  

Packaging & Point of Sale

Whilst we specialise in all things digital, we understand the value of traditional marketing practices. We design packaging that allows your products to stand out whilst portraying your brand ethos. We can also assist with other types of offline design, creating marketing materials such as POS stands, flyers, posters, and similar merchandise. When creating a brand presence, we think it’s important to support this beyond online channels. Offline design can often provide a method to solidify brand identity and awareness within shops and venues. It’s another way to encourage people to develop intrigue and look into the brand or product more thoroughly. Offline design can be used as a tool alongside social media or as a powerful standalone practice. If this is something we can help you with, let us know.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a practice used by all successful businesses, and a slick, engaging design is essential for enticing your audience. Emails are key to helping establish a customer base or keeping up engagement with an already present base. Social Loop can provide creative, eye-catching on-brand designs to make communicating with those who are important to your business as easy as possible. We take cross-device legibility into account and use a combination of static and animated design to create striking visuals but deliver a clear, concise message.