Paid Media

Social Media Ads

There is always somebody looking for your product, you just have to find them - paid media is the best way to directly target those people. Direct sales, website traffic, lead generation and brand awareness campaigns will show your business to more than just the friends and family that like your Facebook page!

Ever noticed those Nike trainers you searched for following you around Facebook and Instagram? That's the power of paid social media ads! Social Loop have multiple paid media guru’s that will ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment with expert targeting and remarketing techniques, such as advertising your product to people who placed the item in their cart but did not commit to the purchase – they have showed intent, and from this point you can spend your budget focusing on the most interested customers.

Google Ads (PPC)

Billions of people use Google everyday, and we can help you target these audiences effectively through paid media. With Google Ads, you have the option to advertise your business and products through Search, Shopping and Display campaigns. We can tailor a PPC strategy using the type of Google ads that suit your business the most.

If you aren’t doing paid media yet, you are missing out on getting your product or service in the eyeline of brand-new customers every single day!