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Using Amazon FBA to Expand Your Ecommerce Business Globally

Published on:

Monday, March 13, 2023

Amazon’s FBA, also known as Fulfilment By Amazon, is a service which connects sellers around the world with a fulfilment service which is operated and managed by the team at Amazon – meaning that you need only run your page and let them do the rest.

While there are plenty of logistical benefits of this, including bypassing the need for warehouse and storage space and ensuring that orders are sent and delivered on time to customers, one of the biggest selling points of Amazon FBA is the way it can help e-commerce businesses with global expansion.

Here at Social Loop we LOVE Amazon’s FBA tool for our e-commerce clients. And in this blog post, we’re going to share a few insider tips on how to use FBA for world domination…

But first, what is FBA and how does it work?

Key things to know about Amazon FBA

FBA is a service which Amazon offers whereby products are stored in Amazon-run fulfilment centres, where they can then be accessed with ease and picked, packed, and sent according to any and all orders that you receive.

In terms of streamlining the process and ensuring that customers receive their items efficiently, FBA is pretty unrivalled in terms of marketplace tools. Not only that but FBA also handles all kinds of feedback, returns, refunds, and queries – literally acting as an extension of your business so that you can focus on marketing, building your product line, and boosting your success.

Now, as we will go on to discuss in this blog, Amazon offers a Global Selling support system through which e-commerce sellers in any location can access a global audience – however, it’s important to ensure that your international selling strategy connects with the location of your products and the exact FBA program that you are signed up to.

Before we come onto that, however, what is Amazon Global Selling and how does it support e-commerce business owners looking to go global?

Introducing Amazon Global Selling and the role of FBA

Global shopping

The Amazon Global Selling tool, also known as AGS, helps sellers to list and sell their products on a broader marketplace than that where they are currently based. There are 13 different marketplaces which are all run by Amazon, all of which focus on a different location – however, AGS allows you to bridge the gap between these marketplaces and ensure that your products can be found and ordered by customers from any destination all over the world.

Of course, there are elements of the listing which need to change, which is where it’s crucial to understand the value of localised and tailored content listings for each marketplace and each target audience – a service that Social Loop provides help and support with.

Despite this though, AGS has the power to transform a small business into a global enterprise – and it’s all made possible by the existence of FBA.

How does FBA support global expansion for Amazon sellers?

In short, when you engage the services of the FBA tool, you allow yourself to sell across different regions and countries without having to navigate the complexities of overseas sales – leaving this arduous task to the team behind the FBA global export program. Provided that you take charge of product selection and work with an agency like Social Loop to make sure that listings are localised and that all of the marketplace requirements are being met in terms of product specifications and labelling, Amazon really does do the rest for you.

Yes, you pay for it – but the service is worth it for a product that could just take the world by storm.

With that said, what do you need to do now to start laying the foundations of a successful global Amazon enterprise?

What to do now to build your global Amazon business

Using Amazon’s platform and tools, any seller can expand into any marketplace region – but you need to do your homework first in terms of the viability of products and whether they are marketable and likely to succeed in each new region.

More often than not, success as an Amazon e-commerce seller comes by identifying a simple solution which consumers around the world will understand and relate to – with localised listings and quality control both integral parts of the process before you even get to FBA. Once you reach the fulfilment stage, those sellers that use FBA will benefit from the reputation of Amazon delivery – with plenty of tools available to help you maximise your sales and success.

If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, Social Loop can help! Our team are experts in optimising content and listings for Amazon and are well versed in what Amazon users are searching for and engaging with. Get in touch with us to find out more and to discuss your own e-commerce business.