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5 Reasons Why Amazon Marketplace is One of the Best Platforms for Selling

Published on:

Thursday, February 23, 2023

When searching for a solution to a household need, a piece of equipment for a home or commercial office, or something completely random that will facilitate a certain activity or streamline a chore or task you complete regularly, Amazon is an excellent go-to site.

Combining thousands of brands and retailers within a single site, with search results suggesting all the products that might solve your problems or suit your needs depending on what you’re looking for, Amazon is a no-brainer for customers all over the world.

And from a business perspective, that means that Amazon Marketplace is a goldmine of potential customers who are just waiting to be introduced to your brand and/or product line.

In this blog post, we’re outlining five reasons why Amazon Marketplace is one of the best-selling platforms available for sellers – before sharing a few ways to get started on the platform today to maximise your sales and business growth.

1. Amazon is a go-to for all sectors

One of the best things about Amazon, and a reason why it is unarguably one of the best platforms for businesses to use, is its diversity across all retail sectors. Amazon is the home of home technology, stationary, clothing, appliances, decorations, long life products, and even more recently fresh food via its Amazon Fresh service. It also encapsulates Amazon Prime as a streaming service and is one of the most prominent suppliers of Kindle books and movies on the market.

There is not one retail sector that Amazon isn’t involved with, and this diversity across all sectors makes it a best-seller regardless of what you sell.

2. Amazon offers a stable and consistent marketplace option

Alongside its vast and diverse selection of products, the growth and outreach of Amazon into different markets means it is a safe bet for businesses and retailers looking to expand their market outreach. Amazon is a business growth model that you can invest in, safe in the knowledge that it’s not going anywhere – and that presents a great benefit to businesses looking to safeguard their future.

3. Amazon businesses benefit from its reputation

Online shopping

Customers choose Amazon for its reputation in terms of fulfilment and service, and as such any business or retailer that sells through Amazon benefits indirectly via association.

Amazon is, in short, a best selling platform because it provides a consistent quality of service that customers have come to expect and herald – and by passing this on to its sellers who benefit from that same fulfilment quality and service, Amazon makes it really easy for sellers to expand their own business through its marketplace offering.

4. High quality fulfilment services available

FBA, also known as Fulfilment by Amazon, is a service through which retailers and brands can handover the fulfilment of any orders secured through Amazon to the marketplace itself – passing products on to Amazon to store and then control in terms of inventory and fulfilment of each order.

For businesses that want to really maximise on the high quality reputation and efficient delivery service that Amazon is known for, this FBA service is an excellent way to tap into and maximise exposure to that with minimum output from you as a business. Simply supply the products to Amazon and let them deal with the ground work while you focus on optimising your listings and driving sales.

5. Amazon is seller-friendly!

The final reason why Amazon is a best-selling platform lies in its reputation among sellers and retailers, who continue to work and partner with Amazon thanks to its excellent treatment of sellers in terms of FBA services, low fees, and optimisation tools and support.

By establishing itself as a seller-friendly marketplace platform, Amazon has continued to grow and attract the retailers that make it a success – supporting sellers, while they in turn support its core business model.

Getting started on Amazon

With so many benefits to Amazon as a marketplace platform, from its diverse range to its exceptional customer fulfilment policy and service, listing your products on Amazon is an ideal next step for all manner of businesses looking to expand their growth and reach a wider customer base.

If you’re ready to embrace the power of Amazon for your own business, Social Loop provides an Amazon optimisation service that’s built on maximising customer exposure to your listings and driving conversion through localised, quality listing content.