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Apple Launch Air Tags Feature

Published on:

Friday, April 23, 2021


What’s Happening in the Digital world?

Apple Launches Air Tags – Apple has recently unveiled their long-awaited AirTags, which have been designed to compete with Tile. AirTags utilise Bluetooth technology to help locate lost objects such as keys and wallets. After the success of Tile, Apple will be expecting to see a surge of interest in their AirTags to see how they compare.


Facebook Launches Clubhouse Competitor – After being widely rumoured, Facebook finally launched its Live Audio Rooms, their competing platform to Clubhouse. Live Audio Rooms will allow users to join in with and listen to conversations and discussions. Facebook also announced that it will be adding several audio creation tools to its regular app, including aSoundbites feature which allows users to create short audio clips to share with friends.


Microsoft Acquires Speech-to-text Company Nuance – Microsoft recently announced they will be buying the software technology company NuanceCommunications. The company was bought for $19.7 billion which makes it Microsoft’s second most expensive deal ever. One of the main reasons for the acquisition is that Microsoft wants to expand into the health care industry, in which Nuance has a significant presence. It also owns Dragon, the established speech to text software that Microsoft aims to utilise.


Campaigns that Caught the Eye


Marcus Rashford’s Full Time Helping to Tackle Food Poverty – Premier League footballer Marcus Rashford recently launched his new campaign ‘Full Time’ which aims to put a full-time end to food poverty in the UK. He recently teamed up with London-based design studio ‘The Clearing’ to come up with 52 easy to make recipes that encourage parents, carers and children to spend more time together in the kitchen. The Clearing have helped to design meal cards and other striking visual posted across Instagram and other social channels which have added joy and charm to match the ethos and spirit of the campaign.


Viral Story of the Week


M&S Sue Aldi Over Colin the Caterpillar Row – M&S announced they would be suing Aldi for their ‘Cuthbert the Caterpillar’ cake, claiming it is a direct copy of M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar. Aldi then preceded to take over Twitter with chocolate caterpillar related memes in response to the news. More positively, Aldi used the opportunity to start a #caterpillarsforcancer campaign, inviting other supermarket caterpillar cakes to join in to raise money for cancer awareness.


And Finally – This Week in the World of Social Loop


This week we’ve been focusing on the practice of B2C. In the world of e-commerce, many online retailers focus on B2C, which refers to the process of selling products and services directly to customers. One important thing to note is that B2C transactions generally tend to be more impulsive when compared to business-to-business transactions. This is because consumers will actively seek out goods and services when they have an immediate need for something. If you are looking to get your business, products or services in front of more consumers, get in touch with us here at Social Loop.


Keep checking back in with us to stay in the loop with all things digital marketing!