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The Increasingly Important Role of Video in Digital Marketing for Businesses

Published on:

Thursday, February 2, 2023

With digital marketing covering an increasingly broad subsection of any businesses marketing activity, it follows that keeping on top of trends is vital for staying relevant in the eyes of customers and clients.

One of the biggest trends of 21st century digital marketing is the presence of video, and the growing role that video plays in engaging customers, increasing brand awareness, and widening customer reach.

So, why is it that video has become such an integral part of any businesses digital marketing activity, and how can businesses embrace video regardless of their industry or service/product offering?

How and why has video become such a powerful marketing tool?

Video allows for content to be delivered in an accessible, entertaining, and memorable format – in which brands and businesses can experiment with new and exciting ways of reaching customers, and customers can share that content onwards.

Video for digital marketing

While there remains a place in the digital marketing sphere for textual content and static imagery, video is instantly more engaging for the user or customer, and allows the business to depict their branding in a clearly defined way. Not to mention, because video is such an entertaining and versatile form of content, it can be repurposed and shared across a multitude of different channels and platforms – making it a valuable asset for businesses in terms of maximising their return on investment of production.

The different types of video marketing that brands can invest in

First and foremost, before we consider the ways in which video can be shared, it is worth noting that video content as a format is versatile and incredibly diverse – ranging from cartoons to realistic depictions of your services or products in use. What this means is that video content does not have to be confined to a single format – rather, you can use different types of video across different channels if you like, with cartoons and moving infographics just as effective as videos displaying real team members and users.

And while we’re on the topic of video types, we cannot recommend highly enough the use of different video types in terms of content – from genuine customer reviews, to behind the scenes content from your team, to more formalised marketing videos and campaigns.

With that said, how can videos be shared and used by businesses across different sectors?

Well, this is where it’s important to connect your use of video with your overarching marketing strategy and how you use different digital channels and touch points as part of your overall marketing activity. Social media marketing is one of the biggest driving forces of video content, with the arrival of TikTok and Instagram Reels contributing towards the spike in demand for and popularity of engaging video content. Alongside this, videos can perform well on the homepage of a website as well as landing pages and can also be easily uploaded to sites like Youtube which allow for optimised and easy sharing on email and between consumers.

The benefits of including video in your digital marketing strategy

So, why video?

The answer to this particular question is simple and revolves around the share ability and accessibility of video as a form of content. Not only can you frame video content in a way that suits your brand and tone of voice, but it also serves to engage your users and unite your brand with customers across different touch points.

Not to mention, with so many video platforms responsible for viral content, it is the easiest way to stay up to date with trends and relevant in the eyes of customers.

How to optimise your use of video content

Optimising your video content is best achieved with the support of a digital marketing agency, which can harness the potential of your different channels and platforms and help you to design and create the right video content to suit different audiences and different customer demographics.

Whether you choose to jump on the back of a trend via TikTok, embrace the engagement potential of live video through Facebook and Instagram, or make product information and testimonials more accessible through videos on your website, the way you use video should start with your ideal customer base and grow from there.

And if you need help to get there, that’s where Social Loop comes in. As digital marketing experts we specialise in uniting brands across different sectors with the opportunities that digital touch points offer to them – with video one of those versatile investments which can work anywhere and for any brand.