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How to Claim Your Business on Google (and Why You Should!)

Published on:

Monday, June 6, 2022

Claiming your business on Google means that when someone makes online local searches related to your company, you are able to control the information displayed and ensure it's complete and up to date. Optimising your Google My Business profile correctly can also improve the chances of your company showing up for more relevant searches and in turn, lead to increased website traffic and enquiries.

It is without doubt one of the most valuable tools in terms of local online marketing.

In this blog post, we share the benefits of claiming your business on Google and introduce you to the process of setting it up.

But first, how exactly does Google My Business work?

Google My Business

When you use Google My Business, you essentially claim your location - whether it be your office or business premises - so that it appears as a personalised entry on Google maps and local Google search results. Aside from giving your business a reputable and trustworthy presence on local maps, this tool enables you to start selling yourself and your business before a customer has even clicked through to your website - adding another step to the marketing journey of your potential and future customers.

What Does a Google My Business Listing Include?

With your Google My Business profile, you have control over the information that Google shares about your business and it gives you the opportunity to influence which relevant industry keywords it could rank for. It also allows you to ensure that the contact and address information is correct and that the latest images related to the business are displayed.

Furthermore, it provides you with the opportunity to reply to any reviews you receive from existing customers, to show that you care about the feedback you receive and to thank them for their custom.

The main things that your Google listing will include are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Introduction to your business
  • Photos
  • Reviews

What Are the Benefits?

Google map

Aside from giving you control over exactly what potential customers see when they discover your business in local Google searches, when you claim your business, you tap into the more complex behind the scenes benefits of owning such a listing - which relates to search engine optimisation (SEO).

A well-optimised profile has more chance of ranking higher in local search results for relevant keywords and showing up in Google maps ahead of your competition.

Operating and controlling this listing also lets you benefit from the reviews left by other customers, tapping into the idea that modern customers want to connect with and buy from brands they know and have been recommended by other buyers.

How Do I Claim My Business for Google My Business?

The process for claiming your business is really quite simple.

To get started, navigate to the Google Business homepage and search for your business premises. The first thing to try is a quick search of your business name - alternatively, you need to click ‘add your business to Google’ and go through the steps, taking care to use the correct name for your business as you wish it to be searched and referred to by customers.

Once you have found or created your business, you need to assign it an industry, add a physical location, and also add your areas of operation - for example are you a local business or nationwide / global? Then it’s time to add your contact details - with the final step being to confirm you want to manage your business listing from now on. This is what enables you to respond to reviews and track analytics, so it’s a big yes to that step!

Google will then need to verify your business and confirm that you are indeed the owner. This stops people who have no authority to represent your business online from claiming your listing. Google will send a postcard out to your business premises with a verification code, which you can then use to complete the registration process.

It’s as simple as that.

Now that you know what to do, you can get to work on creating your very own Google My Business profile. Beyond the initial set up a Google My Business profile there are many ways to optimise the listing to ensure that it has the best chance of reaching the top of relevant local searches.

If you need support or advice on any aspect of the process, or want to benefit from a series of advanced optimisation techniques - get in touch with our team today to see how Social Loop can help.