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Boost Your Conversion Rates With Effective Landing Page Design

Published on:

Monday, May 15, 2023

Landing pages are often confused with standard sales pages on website. However, the role of a landing page is distinctly different, requiring a different approach to design and an innovative approach to conversion which is unlike that used on a standard webpage.

This carries through from the design and layout of the page to its copy and the way it integrates CTA and action-led buttons – all of which need to be specifically designed to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of a landing page.

Why? Because landing pages are specifically designed to convert and are often the end point in a campaign which may cover a wide variety of platforms and touch points – all of which are designed to gradually convert a visitor into becoming a buyer, subscriber or for them to take another action. In short, the landing page is essentially your online standalone deal-closer – and needs to be designed to get the job done.

In this article, we’re sharing our tips on how to use landing page design in the most efficient way possible, ensuring high rates of conversion regardless of how the prospective customer arrived on that webpage.

The most important features of a good landing page

An effective landing page will act as a standalone sales page, designed to mimic a funnel through which all prospective customers from all different touch points must pass before purchasing.

Effective landing page

While a homepage or standard webpage may be geared towards a variety of different actions, inviting users to explore the site, learn more, or purchase a series of products, a landing page is typically targeted towards one specific action.

As such, landing pages are often very clean in their design – with a single CTA, plenty of benefits and selling points, and an emphasis on the problem or pain point that the product or service is designed to fix.

With that in mind, here are a few tips from the team at Social Loop, on how to boost conversion rates through a great landing page from our website design experts.

Top tips on building a great landing page

Below are some useful tips to help you build an effective landing page:

1. Focus on one specific action

The first and most important thing to remember when designing a landing page is that you do not want to give users the chance to click away or get distracted by other potential avenues or customer journeys. A landing page should be razor-sharp in its focus, and incredibly intentional in terms of design.

That’s why, on great landing pages, you will usually only see one CTA button – perhaps replicated at multiple points down the page.

2. Decide on the best action according to what you’re selling

Now that we know your landing page should focus on a single action, you need to decide what that action is.

The best way to determine the ideal action for users to take is to consider what it is you’re selling, and the viability of this as an impulse purchase or as part of a wider campaign to nurture prospective clients and customers.

If you’re selling a high level professional service, then your landing page might be designed to capture prospective customer information in return for a guide or resource that you can send them - whereas a more affordable lifestyle product might be suitable for direct sale through your landing page.

3. Create compelling copy

The content and copy which appears on your landing page can make or break its success and conversion rate. Ideally, we recommend integrating a few different content forms onto your landing page, in the form of social proof like reviews and testimonials, plenty of imagery, some video content direct from the business, and some effective sales copy.

Your landing page needs to prove both valuable to the reader and it needs to draw them in by sharing a problem that they are likely to have – compelling them to keep reading in order to find out the solution.

In addition to this, your content and copy needs to match your brand and compliment the rest of the campaign, so that users know that they have landed in the right place. Remember, a cohesive experience is a reliable and trustworthy experience.

Designing a great landing page

Overall, your landing page needs to be designed with an ideal action in mind, with the look and feel of the page mimicking that which the user will have experienced through the entire campaign to date.

Your landing page is what will make or break the sale, so spend time understanding what motivates your audience and create a page with them in mind – speaking to them directly and solving a problem that you know they have.

Here at Social Loop, we pride ourselves on working with clients to design and create high performing landing pages for a versatile collection of products and services. Get in touch to find out how you can work with us.