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Latest Shopify Updates That Merchants Need to Know

Published on:

Monday, April 10, 2023

Shopify is an online tool which lets brands and businesses establish a multichannel presence – with website design templates, brand themes and ideas, and a ton of integrated apps and other functions which allow you to connect with buyers on a local and global scale.

From that first interaction through to purchase, Shopify enables brands to establish consistency across all platforms and touchpoints, with both a customer facing and backend platform on which data can be managed, stock can be marketed, and transactions can be completed.

What makes Shopify such a great solution for businesses is the fact that the concept was first born from a gap in the market, with a snowboarding brand unable to find an ecommerce solution that served their needs and gave them control over every aspect of their online site. So, Shopify was born – first enabling that very first brand to build their own website, and expanding from there.

Ever since, and over the last decade and more, Shopify has served and supported thousands of brands as they launch their businesses online – with new integrations and updates continuing to make the platform more accessible. And to save you a ton of time and research, we’ve pulled together some of the most recent and beneficial updates here – considering what the impact of such changes will be, and how brands and businesses can use them to maximise their online presence.

Why businesses love Shopify

Before we get into the updates for Shopify users, merchants, and developers, here are a few reasons why you should be using Shopify for your business.

Considered one of the best ecommerce platforms available, not only does Shopify enable you to build your own website and online store but it gives you access to hundreds of integrated features and functions which streamline both your experience and that of your end customer. With the capability to sell via your own website, social media, marketplaces, and apps, Shopify taps into the modern demand for convenient purchase across a range of different spaces – all without the need for comprehensive technical knowledge and understanding.

So, what’s new?

The latest updates for 2023

Shopify updates

These are some of the newest upgrades to the Shopify service for merchants (businesses) and developers, as announced in February 2023.


First thing’s first, the checkout process is going to get easier and more streamlined with the integration of single-page checkout. Prior to this announcement, businesses were finding that the more complex checkout process made ads and conversion more difficult to assess – thus the integration of a one-page checkout across all channels will make payment much easier.

Pixel Installation

The Shopify app store is soon going to have a mini pixel marketplace which allows developers and business owners to allow easier integration of other apps and customer details from alternative platforms.

Shop Promise

Customers are becoming increasingly savvy to the throes of poor online security, with many only wanting to buy from those businesses that they know are reputable and verified. Shop Promise will essentially provide a badge to all businesses that are approved, making conversion much easier for those with the badge on show.

Drag & Drop Editor

An excellent upgrade for developers and those who are keen to design and build their own Shopify site from scratch, the Drag & Drop editor integration will make it easy for designers to move the different elements of their checkout webpage with ease.

AI Integration

While there remains the need for the human touch when it comes to writing copy which converts and which really engages the prospective customer, those with little time and lots of products to market and sell will be pleased to hear about the AI writer tool integration on Shopify. This will make creating product descriptions easier than ever.

Continued Ad Campaigns

The use of in-platform advertising is continuing to grow with more investment in the way of ad campaign design across the Shopify platform. This includes the growth of the cash back Shopify network which encourages customers to buy on sites built with Shopify, earning cashback to spend on future purchases.

Discount extension

Another upgrade that many merchants and businesses will be pleased to hear about is the addition of multi-discount extensions – allowing you to run different discounts and offers at once, in line with seasonal promotions and other incentives.

Is Shopify right for you?

As the leading ecommerce platform for small businesses, growing businesses, and ambitious businesses with an eye to the future, Shopify boasts a range of benefits for merchants – with these latest upgrades designed to streamline both the merchant and customer experience.

To find out more about Shopify from a user perspective, and to build your own site with Shopify integration, get in touch with the team at Social Loop who can help!