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Twitter Launches New Service 'Twitter Blue'

Published on:

Friday, June 4, 2021

What’s Happening in the Digital World?

Spotify Releases ‘Only You’ Experience for Listeners – Drawing inspiration from their popular annual ‘Spotify Wrapped’ feature, Only You is a data-driven feature that presents the user with a stream of music stats and suggestions relevant to their listening history.

The feature also provides you with an audio birth chart which includes each user’s most listened to artist over the past six months (their moon artist), their most emotional artist (sun) and an artist they’ve been starting to play more often (rising). Additionally, the experience also provides you with three artists you’d most like to invite to a dinner party…endless interesting opportunities with that feature!

Etsy buys Depop for $1.6 Billion – The huge e-commerce platform, Depop, has been bought out by Etsy for the not-so-insignificant fee of $1.6 billion. Depop has shot up in popularity throughout the past few years, with it being the resale shopping platform of choice amongst Gen-Z consumers and younger users.

The combination of Instagram-style messaging with an innovative shopping platform has struck a chord with the younger generation, and Etsy’s CEO Josh Silverman thinks it’s an exciting and growing market to jump into. Silverman described Depop as a “vibrant, two-sided marketplace with a passionate community, a highly-differentiated offering of unique items, and we believe significant potential to further scale.” It will be interesting to see what Mr Silverman and Etsy has in store for the future of Depop.

Twitter is Blue (Optionally) – After months of rumblings and rumours, Twitter has finally rolled out its ‘Twitter Blue’ service in two markets, Canada, and Australia. It’s always a risky move when traditionally free platforms start offering paid services, but after over 15 years since Twitter launched, they have offered users more than their fair share of value. Twitter Blue is an optional subscription service, and its initial features include being able to alter the colour scheme, custom made app icons and a reader mode.

This Week in the World of Social Loop – Get Your Motion Graphics!

We are excited to announce that we have had a new expert motion graphics designer enter the 'Loop and we are now offering fully pledged motion graphics as part of our services. Utilising the incredible effects of programs such as Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, we can now create stunning visual graphics for your business that help you stand out in the digital crowd. Simply put, we create unique 3D animated graphics which deliver your brand’s message in a mesmerising way. Stay tuned into our Instagram Feed to see prime examples of the style of motion graphics we have on offer.