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Volkswagen's Innovative Marketing Stunt at Euro 2020

Published on:

Friday, June 18, 2021

What’s Happening in the Digital World?

Volkswagen Offer Test Drives via Pinterest – Talk about immersive experiences, Volkswagen has gone all out with their virtual test drive feature for their new electric ID.4a model.  The feature is exclusively available through Pinterest and allows users to experience the new car model from every angle, 360 degrees. Pinterest has become somewhat of a social media heaven for car fanatics, with over eight million 'pinners' actively engaging with auto content.

Remote Control Car Kicks off European Championship – Another interesting marketing idea implemented by Volkswagen, a remote-control car delivered the match ball during the opening kick off of the European Championship opening fixture between Turkey and Italy. After a few technical difficulties, the car made it to the half way line, showing off a Volkswagen sponsorship on either side of the car. Following a moment that can only be described as bizzare, people took to social media platforms to question what was happening. The stunt seemed to divide people, with some finding it hilarious and others thinking it was too much of a gimmick. All press is good press, right?

Spotify Launch Clubhouse Competitor – Greenroom – Spotify are the next big name to try and take on emerging social media platform, Clubhouse. Their response has been to introduce Greenroom, an audio based social platform, where users can join conversations with others to discuss and listen to various conversations. It will be interesting to see how Greenroom performs, as Spotify are evidently one of the kingpins of digital audio.

Viral Story of the Week

Cristiano Ronaldo and Other Footballers Remove Sponsored Drinks from Press Conferences – When CR7 sat down to do a press conference at the Euro’s, no one expected him to be openly offended by a couple of bottles of Coca Cola. Visibly irked by the offending cola, Ronaldo removed the sponsored bottles, before declaring “Water!” in his native Portuguese. Incredibly, Coca Colas value almost immediately dropped by $4bn dollars! Other footballers have also followed suit, with Paul Pogba removing Heineken from the French press conference.

The stunts have shown just how much of an impact viral videos of huge stars can affect even the biggest of businesses.

This Week in the World of Social Loop – The Great Social Loop Bake Off Begins!

The schedule is all set for arguably the most exciting digital marketing / master chef crossover to ever grace the internet. Every week, a member of the Social Loop team will have to bring in baked goods for the team, which MUST be related to all things loopy. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting some quality content up so you can judge from the side lines.