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Yahoo Answers Finally Shuts Down

Published on:

Friday, May 7, 2021

What’s Happening in the Digital world?

Twitter Acquires Scroll – Scroll is an app which allows users a way to read through long-form content such as articles and newsletters without any adverts and clutter. Scroll is a subscription-based service and looks like being one of the first of many which Twitter adopts as the social media giant looks to build its premium features.

Yahoo! Answers Shuts Down – The question and answers service launched by Yahoo! has been discontinued after 16 years. Yahoo! have stated the reason for the shutdown is due to a lack of interest and that the platform has become less popular over the past years. Yahoo! Answers was a pioneer in the question-and-answer format which emerged as a popular internet trend from 2005 when it was launched. However, websites and services such as Reddit and Quora have proven to be more prevalent choices in recent years. Many of the Yahoo! Answers archives are available through the Internet Archive but only in read-only format.  

Introducing Musicscapes – A service which has partnered with Spotify for a unique user experience, Musicscapes tracks what songs you have been listening to on Spotify and generates a minimalistic landscape. Interestingly, Musicscape uses an array of images and colours to reflect the type of music you are listening to and presents you with a unique digital image. A must try for any minimalistic arts fan!  

Campaigns that Caught the Eye

Football Teams Boycott Social Media Platforms – In an attempt to fight back against online abuse, football teams throughout the UK and across the globes made a collective decision to refrain from posting anything on social media from the 30th of April to the 3rd May. Whilst it’s likely too early to establish how effective the campaign has been, it can hopefully act as the catalyst for systematic and societal changes which will lead to the eradication of online abuse.

Viral Story of the Week

YouTuber Niko Omilana Runs for London Mayor – British YouTuber Niko Omilana, also known as NDL Vibeside, started an ambitious campaign to be elected mayor of London. Impressively, the 23 year old’s campaign has gathered a lot of attention and he seems to have especially struck a chord with younger voters. With an interesting manifesto and a whole lot of vocal online support, it will be interesting to see how far Niko’s campaign takes him.  

Quote of the Week

We’re always on the lookout for eye-catching witty remarks at Social Loop, and this week we’ve picked out an excellent analogy from The Hustle:

“GameStop CEO George Sherman will leave the retailer with a pay package worth $160m+. This is the corporate equivalent of doing 0 work on a school project and still getting an A+.”

And Finally – This Week in the World of Social Loop

It’s been a hectic week here at Social Loop! We have earned an upgrade to our headquarters and moved into a new office base. In better news, we’ve got a new member joining us next week as we continue to expand our team. With some exciting projects on the horizon, the future is looking positive!

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