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Grow your Brand with Amazon – Our Top Optimisation Tips

Published on:

Friday, July 8, 2022

Amazon is one of the leading marketplace platforms in the world of modern ecommerce, offering a seemingly endless collection of industries, brands, and individual products to consumers from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re selling to a local audience or looking to expand and reach new markets overseas, Amazon presents an opportunity to tap into and sell solutions to new audience groups.

But in order to be successful on Amazon, you need to not only sell products that consumers want but sell those products to them in a way that resonates and that stands out to them. As a seller or brand, Amazon provides the marketplace platform but it’s up to you to set yourself apart from the competition and establish yourself as a reputable solution.

A big part of that is achieved through Amazon optimisation – whereby you explore your new market and audience, consider what they are searching for, and adjust your product listings to suit their search behaviour.

Without further ado, here are just a handful of tips from the Social Loop team, that can instantly freshen up and elevate your Amazon listings to the next level.

Tip #1: A Picture Speaks 1000 Words

Nike shoe

It’s true what they say, a picture really does speak 1000 words – and when it comes to Amazon with its sheer magnitude and array of products, having images which draw the eye and immediately communicate the benefits of your product line is key.

To make sure that your listing images are as optimised as possible, take high quality photos of your product against a clean white background to really let the piece pop and stand out. Photos of the product in use, or customer photos can follow later in your image line-up but make sure that the cover photo is clear and simple to present a professional look.

You could even include a video of the product in use to create some really compelling content that lets the customer know exactly what they are getting.

Tip #2: Shorter Titles

You may think it’s best to stuff the product title full of all the benefits that come with your product, including its sizing specifications, colour options and more, but when it comes to catching the attention of a consumer, the shorter the better!

Conducting keyword research in advance of listing your products will help you to identify a few words that should almost certainly be part of your titles. From there, it’s all about creating an eye-catching and appealing title which shares enough but doesn’t oversell the product.

Tip #3: Focus on Your Product Description Copy

If you follow the first two tips and use great photos alongside a highly optimised title, the chances are that a consumer will at least click through to read your description. This is where you need to engage them with key selling points, benefits, and the kind of copy that makes your brand or business feel both relatable and reputable to a buyer.

Remember that on Amazon, you get five featured bullet points above the description copy just under the price, so take care to write these effectively as well.

Tip #4: Price Competitively

Creating great copy and sharing high end photos is all very well, but if you’re undercut by a competitor then all your hard work is wasted. Do your research, make sure that you are getting your products for the best possible manufacturing or supply price, and then set the purchase price at the best possible rate to optimise conversion.

Tip #5: Know That the Job Is Never Finished

If there’s one thing that we say to all of our clients, it’s that the best and most successful Amazon brands, businesses, and listings, are those which are frequently updated with FAQs, new images, and relevant copy. Use customer reviews as a starting point for your updates, and make sure that any questions you frequently see are covered in the description.

Remember, optimisation is an ongoing process which never really ends – with refreshed content and copy supporting both the search function and your customers directly.

All of this advice – and much more besides – is born from the experience of the Social Loop team in handling business expansion across Amazon and beyond. Selling on a marketplace as large as Amazon presents just as many challenges as it does opportunities, with our team primed and ready to support you in optimising your listings for higher conversions.

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