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How to Optimise Product Listings for Amazon FBA

Published on:

Monday, March 27, 2023

Selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to access an expansive customer audience and benefit from the tools and services that Amazon offers to its sellers in order to streamline the fulfilment process and ensure that customers enjoy efficient delivery with every order.

While Amazon FBA enables sellers to hand over the logistics of fulfilment and delivery to Amazon itself, with storage, picking, packing, delivery, and even refunds and returns all handled by the marketplace team, one area that sellers need to excel in order to enjoy online marketplace success is in creating their product listings.

Which is where this blog comes in, created by the team at Social Loop who are experts in creating listings which not only appeal to buyers all over the world, but which tick regulatory boxes, and which ensure that the benefits of your products are communicated in a way that different audiences can understand and relate to.

Without further ado, here are just a handful of tips direct from our team on how to optimise your product listings to enjoy Amazon FBA success.

The importance of optimisation on your Amazon product listings

Optimisation can mean the difference between your listing being discovered by a potential customer, and fading into the background amid a flood of competing listings and sellers. To optimise your listings means to consider not only what buyers will engage with, but also what Amazon will look for when pairing searches with the best and most relevant results – with care needing to be taken in terms of wording, language, categorisation, and ensuring that your product pages are all unique and benefit from fresh copy.

Tips to help you optimise your listings

Below are some useful tips to help you optimise your listings on Amazon...

Amazon layout graphic

1. Select the right categories for your products

Whenever you search for something as a buyer on Amazon, you will be guided towards products which fall into certain categories – based on whether you are looking for a book, an electrical tool, a children’s toy, or an item of clothing.

Categorising your products correctly will help to ensure that they show up in the right search results, with incorrect or lazy categorisation simply meaning that your products won’t get nearly as many hits as they could get.

2. Minimise the number of individual pages you create

It can be tempting to flood the market and relevant search results with all of your own products, by making separate listings and landing pages for products of different sizes and colours. However, doing this can actually have a negative impact on the optimisation of your brand on Amazon, as it recognises duplicate pages as spam.

In addition to grouping products together and allowing customers to select their ideal size and colour from a single page, minimising the number of individual pages you operate and manage will make inventory easier and will allow for a more streamlined experience with FBA as they will have a better handle on accurate stock levels.

3. Produce fresh listing content

This tip is super simple – don’t replicate or copy content from listing to listing, or you run the risk of your products all getting confused and appearing in the wrong search results as spam. Instead, focus on creating fresh and valuable content for each listing, focussing on the following areas as priority:

  • Product listing title. This should be as detailed as possible, including the brand, the name of the product, the size, the number of units available in a single order, and any other unique details which will separate your listing from others.
  • The details and finer points of the product within the main bulk of sales copy. Bullet points are an excellent way of presenting these in an accessible and digestible way.
  • The images you display. These should be high quality, sized correctly, and depict an accurate representation of the product. In addition, consider how you can use images to show the product on its own as well as in use, to demonstrate size and other defining features.
  • A high quality and relatable product description.
  • Customer reviews. The more you can earn and showcase on your product listings, the better your conversion rate will be.

Here at Social Loop, we work with sellers across Amazon FBA to fine-tune and optimise their listings in line with their target audience, product category, and sales goal. To find out more about this service and to pick our brains on all things Amazon, get in touch directly via email or through our website contact page.