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How to Choose Blog Topics for a Business Website

Published on:

Friday, November 25, 2022

From go-to guides to product spotlights, celebration posts, and behind the scenes detail about new services and existing client case studies, blog posts can be both informative engaging.

One thing they must always be, however, is written with your audience in mind. And when it comes to creating blogs for a business website, that means finding the balance between promoting the business and enticing the reader.

In this blog post, we’re sharing some advice on how to choose blog topics for a business website, considering the importance of regular and high quality blog content and how to make sure that you are always creating and sharing content that offers value to your readers.

Why are blogs so important on business websites?

In one of our own previous blog posts, we explained why every business (big or small) should have a blog. There are many reasons - but we will give a quick recap on how it can help with SEO.

Blogs are often cited as one of the most important parts of a website’s SEO strategy – creating an outlet for internal linking across your website and proving to Google and other search engines that your website adds value and provides users with the information they are searching for.

Website blog

But blogs aren’t just about stuffing keywords into paragraphs of information about your products and/or brand. They are also about sharing content in a way that speaks to your audience, fine-tuning your brand tone of voice, and generating content which can be shared both by you and by a captive audience as you grow and expand.

So, where should you start when it comes to coming up with topics, and how important is it to remain consistent in posting?

A guide to choosing topics

1. Consistency is key…

This is true both in terms of posting frequency and in relation to the tone and style of writing. Where possible, commit to a regular schedule of blog posts – for example, one per week – and make sure that the tone of writing is always in keeping with your social media posts, your website, and your customer outreach content and comms.

2. Build topics from FAQs

One of the biggest pieces of advice we have for businesses seeking content and blog ideas, is to always make sure that your content relates to what your audience and readers want to know. And what better way to identify the topics they want to hear about, than by building blogs from the FAQs and questions your business receives on a daily basis?

Blog content gives you a chance to produce a deep dive page of content on specific topics and subjects, with the ability to create internal links across your website to link service areas to exploration blogs.

3. Look at high-ranking blogs on competitor sites

Not all blogs have to be plucked from thin air – why not look at the kind of topics and posts being created by competitors, and frame these in a way that works for your audience?

4. Choose a content type and build interest

Interview; how-to guide; “10 reasons why…”; some of the best blogs are those which fall under the umbrella of a specific style of writing. These are the titles which are often considered the most compelling to click on and find out more about and tend to perform really well on business websites. Not to mention, they provide great fuel for marketing and social media posts.

5. Fall back on insider tips

Just as this blog post is doing right now, when in doubt create a piece which shares real and action-based value with those reading the piece.

For a product-based business, this could be advice and tips on how to use the product or how to combine different products within your full collection. For a service provider or supplier, it could be tips on how to navigate the industry and any changes that are occurring.

6. Partner with other influencers or business owners to create takeover content

This type of blog content will kill two birds with one stone, because it will provide you with heaps of valuable and unique content but will also potentially allow you to create some really effective backlinks for SEO purposes. Whether you partner with an industry expert, a known name within your business sector, or even with a client or partnership brand to generate the content, some ideas for making this work for you include an interview style blog, a tips-based blog, or an exploration of their business.

Finding the right blog topics for your business website means pairing high quality and well-written content with the topics and titles that your audience and readers really want to learn about.

For more advice on how blog content can contribute to an effective SEO strategy, and to benefit from our content creation services, reach out to Social Loop.