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The Many Ways in Which Infographics Can Enhance Your Content Strategy

Published on:

Monday, March 20, 2023

With so many different types of content available, each driving different levels of engagement and inspiring different actions among readers and prospective customers, the best kind of content strategy is one which is both diverse and fit for purpose.

This starts by identifying your target audience and understanding the way that they interact with different forms of content – whether they are likely to be found on social media, which platforms they use, and how they respond to written content as opposed to digital content.

One great way of testing this is with a few adjustments to your social strategy – integrating reels and videos amid the written captions and static images, to see which garner the most interest. Another thing you can do is test the popularity of live updates and social media stories – or you can invest resources in the visually stimulating and highly effective infographics.

And it’s here that we’ll be spending the remainder of this blog post, sharing the benefits of infographics as part of a comprehensive content strategy, and how to use them to maximise your engagement with followers and prospective customers.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is essentially a very visual way of displaying and presenting multiple stats or nuggets of information in one image. Taking a series of numbers and captions and inputting them all into a visual display, an infographic embodies the idea of a picture being worth a thousand words – ensuring that users can access and digest everything you need them to without scrolling through tons of content and explanations.

Infographic example

Beyond that, an infographic is also an excellent way of demonstrating how different stats relate to each other – with marketers and businesses across all sectors using everything from pie charts to cartoons and line drawings to add context to the facts and figures depicted in their visuals.

The takeaway from this is that infographics allow you to portray lots of information, data, and figures in a single visual. With that in mind, how does this benefit your content strategy as a business?  

The benefits of infographics as part of your overarching content strategy

When customers can quickly and easily dissect the information you are giving them, they are far more likely to engage with you – it’s as simple as that. Because an infographic is a visual and pictorial method of sharing information with followers and customers, the chance of nurturing some engagement from those followers is much higher than if you simply sent them a text-heavy email or newsletter – with infographics used most effectively as a way of boosting existing content.

Here are a few reasons why you should include infographics – and how to do so effectively.

1. Visual displays support quicker decisions

If you can tell prospective customers or clients why they should shop or engage with you in a few simple images, the chance of conversion is much higher than if you rely on a series of emails and newsletters.

Today’s consumers are more impatient than ever, so anything that is easily digestible and facilitates fast decision making is key.

2. Infographics are super shareable

Infographics bridge the gap between valuable content and shareable images, creating nuggets of information and insight which can be easily shared by followers, clients, and customers alike.

Some of the best ways of ensuring that your infographics are effectively linked back to your business include adding branding, adding information which directly links back to your business, and including a CTA in the caption of any infographic you share.

3. Effective infographics build credibility

Establishing yourself as a reputable and credible source in your industry or sector can be tough, however genuinely interesting and informative infographics can act as a fast track to success. Not to mention, if done well they can look very professional – an opinion which will link directly back to your brand.

4. SEO benefits

Finally, we wouldn’t be digital marketing experts if we didn’t touch on the importance of search engine optimisation and how infographics can form an integral part of an SEO strategy. Appealing and effective infographics can bring in many high quality backlinks to your site, which help to enhance its overall authority within your niche. You may find people naturally link to your infographic, or you could be proactive and do some outreach to put your designs in front of people who may want to link to it.

All of these benefits can be enjoyed by your brand when you start using infographics as part of your content strategy – both as standalone social updates, and as part of broader content pieces and articles which connect your brand or business to your industry and to your customers. Combining the value of imagery and visual content with insight and useful information, an infographic really can replace 1,000 words (or more!) – and we’ve got the team to help you bring it to life overnight.

Get in touch with Social Loop to learn more about infographics for the modern market and for help building an effective content strategy.