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Simple Website Design Tips to Enhance Visitor Experience

Published on:

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Your website is, to all intents and purposes, the store front of your brand or business. Whether you sell products or services, and whether your target audience is everyday consumers or businesses, your website is the first place where they will go to “check you out” and see what they think of your proposition.

Because of this, we don’t need to tell you that your website needs to tick a lot of boxes. It needs to be professional, informative, stylish, and memorable – all while being easy to use and virtually seamless to navigate. More than that, it needs to both serve your core goal as a business and give the visitor exactly what they want (or what they didn’t know they needed).

In short, it needs to be designed with both your business's vision and your customers needs in mind – which is where website design comes in. Website design is one of the most popular services among modern businesses, who recognise the need to tap into innovative trends while retaining their ease of use and simple navigation.

So, for this article, we’ve pooled together all the best tips from our own team of website designers and usability specialists – allowing us to share the best industry advice on how you can use design to enhance the visitor experience across your website.

Tip 1: Keep it simple

How many times have we used the word ‘simple’ in the first couple of hundred words of this article? No matter the answer, we’re going to keep using it – because simplicity really is key. When it comes to website design, less is more.

Website plan

Not only does your website need to work and remain functional across all different screen sizes and devices, but it needs to be easy for visitors of all ages and demographics to use, if you want to stand a chance of your website leading to high conversion and business growth.

Tip 2: Stand out with playing with standard layouts too much

This is an interesting tip because in many ways, it directly contradicts the very idea of standing out. The point is that in order to stand out, your website shouldn’t need to stray too far from the standard layouts that users expect – otherwise, once again, you will alienate and put them off using your website.

Instead of moving the different elements of your website around, or changing the standard terminology, use colour and playful design integrations to create standout and memorable online experiences. Highlight what is already there, rather than changing it too much.

Tip 3: Make your content scan-friendly

Nobody likes to think of their content going unread – however, the reality is that most website users skim read the content until they find what they are looking for. Rather than fighting this, do what you can to ensure that your text is scan-friendly, by highlighting key points and keeping each point and benefit of your service or product clear and concise.

Doing all of this, while ensuring that the font is clear and legible, will contribute towards the overall accessibility and success of your website as a hub of information.

Tip 4: User-generated content

This is a tip that comes directly from the social media team however it applies to website design as well! User-generated content is that which uses the words and authentic reviews of actual customers and every day users, to entice and convert website visitors into customers. It plays on the idea that people buy from people and allows you to boost the variety of your website content to your advantage.  

Tip 5: Say goodbye to pop-ups – without saying goodbye to their function

Website visitors hate pop-ups – that’s a fact. But some of the information provided within those pop-ups is useful, and so needs to stay on your website. The solution? Keep the information there and easily accessible, but don’t allow it to dominate the screen in the way that a classic pop-up does.

Our advice is to offer the chatbot function in one corner, highlighting the box but without letting it impede on the user’s view of the screen. Similarly with sign-up screens, there are ways of inviting action without becoming overbearing and irritating – simply adjust the placement of the banner according to your design.

Boost your website with innovative, well thought-out design

All of these tips come directly from our team at Social Loop, whose expertise with website design across a range of industries and businesses means that we really do know not only what makes a good website, but how to improve the visitor experience with subtle but effective web design trends.

For more information and advice like this, or to discuss your own web design project with our team, get in touch today.