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Understanding Amazon’s A9 Algorithm for Product Ranking

Published on:

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Amazon is a marketplace platform which opens up a world of possibilities for sellers. It does this by connecting them with captive buyers who already trust the platform and are thus willing and ready to shop through Amazon for everyday and more unique products. The benefits of selling on Amazon are clear and can lead to incredible success for those sellers that utilise the platform effectively.

But Amazon is not without its challenges, the most obvious being the high degree of competition at play between sellers as they all compete to entice the same pool of customers.

These are some tricks from within the world of Amazon selling which we can share which could help your conversion rate. High quality images, compelling titles, a focus on keywords, and plenty of 5-star reviews are all strong factors in boosting conversion.

But there is no behind-the-scenes trick as effective as simply getting your head around Amazon’s A9 algorithm - and that’s what we’re here to do today.

Without further ado, here is our guide to Amazon’s A9 algorithm, how to understand it, and how to make it work for you.

What is the A9 algorithm?

The Amazon A9 algorithm is responsible for ranking the results from a user’s search, so that what they see is a list of products which relate to what they are looking for and which Amazon believes are best suited to their needs.

Amazon A9 algorithm

The A9 algorithm uses a number of different factors to influence the results and the order in which it displays products.

The first of these is the keywords used in the title and copy of the product. The second is the conversion rate of certain sellers and products, with the A9 algorithm paying particular attention to which products are commonly bought, so as to favour those products as popular and most likely to sell again.

Why does Amazon do this? You have to remember that Amazon itself is a business and wants to promote the items and sellers that are most likely to result in a sale. The concept of people trusting what other like minded customers buy is very much a founding principle of the A9 algorithm, which prioritises products that are already doing well on the platform.

With that said, what role do the different components play in the algorithm, and what can sellers do to maximise the chances of their products being ranked highly in Amazon search results?

The role of keywords and how to select the right ones for your products

It follows that the Amazon A9 algorithm gives favour to those products that are already selling well - however, every seller must start somewhere, and we believe that the best place to start is with your copy and the integration of effective keywords.

Keywords allow user searches to be directly linked to specific products, identifying the most relevant products in line with what the user is searching for. Identifying these keywords means putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and thinking about what they would search for - considering terminology, the way searches will be positioned, and the results of using your product from a user perspective. It also means recognising what makes your brand or product line different, and connecting those more common user searches with identifying features that make your solutions stand out.

Once you’ve identified your keywords - something that an effective outsourced team like the Social Loop team can help with - it’s time to integrate them into your product listing, both in the titles and descriptions, as well as the main body of copy. Like with SEO for Google searches and listings, using your keywords effectively means implementing them naturally within your copy, avoiding stuffing words in random orders, and instead approaching the copy with an eye to cohesive language and readable explanations.

Other important factors

Keywords matter to Amazon A9, just like they matter to Google’s SEO algorithm. But with Amazon and the A9 algorithm, there are other factors at play too. These include…

Sales conversion data

Amazon favours products that are already selling well and so having a handle on your conversion data is an important part of successful strategizing as an Amazon seller. In order to maximise your conversion, sellers need to be aware of all the little tips and tricks which entice buyers and hold their attention - with ideas which include everything from bullet point listing copy to relatable imagery which is targeted at specific areas and to specific buyer types.

Making sure that your listing is easy to digest and very clear in terms of what it is and why it’s beneficial to buyers is key - with high conversion only serving your A9 algorithm status well in the future.


Keeping your prices competitive is an excellent way to outplay the competition and ensure that the vast number of alternative sellers do not detract from the quality of your listings. Take the time to regularly evaluate prices and respond to drops in price among competitors.

Performance and ranking

Finally, know how your products are doing in terms of conversion and across the algorithm, and be prepared to adapt things that may not be working effectively. Changing up your listings regularly is a good way of ensuring your products don’t go stale among buyers.

How Social Loop can help you to sell more on Amazon

With so much to think about, it’s true that Amazon and selling on the platform can be a bit of a minefield. However, if you do it right, the opportunities are endless and can be incredibly exciting - leading to growth in new markets and among new audiences you couldn’t have even considered before.

When it comes to all things related to Amazon account management, the team at Social Loop have become true experts - and are ready to help breathe life into your listings. Get in touch with us to find out more about this service.