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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling on Amazon

Published on:

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Amazon is known around the world for offering the widest variety of products and the most efficient delivery, all packaged in the brown cardboard boxes with the recognisable Amazon tape. But did you know that the majority of sellers on Amazon are actually independent businesses like yours, who use Amazon as just one of their touchpoints to reach new customers and complete more sales?

The fact is, Amazon is an excellent marketplace platform which supports and offers a wide variety of benefits to sellers – and here at Social Loop, we consider ourselves experts in optimising and making the most of the platform as another place to market and sell your products.

With that said, here are 10 reasons why you should be selling on Amazon.

1. Amazon ticks those consumer boxes that demand convenience and efficiency

Like it or not, Amazon is growing more popular by the day thanks to the way it combines convenience and efficiency with giving a platform to sellers across all industries, from all over the world, and with all manner of products. When you sell through Amazon, especially if you choose to use the Amazon FBA fulfilment service, you benefit from all of those advantages that are passed onto and enjoyed by the customer – tying your products in with a service that customers trust.

Amazon Alexa

2. Amazon is becoming somewhat of a search engine

If you need something fast, do you search for it on Google or Amazon? Results show that more and more consumers are heading straight to Amazon when they need something quickly – and let’s be honest, even when it’s not a need, consumers still like to receive things quickly.

When you sell on Amazon, you position your products and brand as a solution for those conducting relevant searches – particularly when you optimise your listings.

3. Amazon Prime

The entire concept of Amazon Prime is built on customer satisfaction and the fact that customers pay a certain amount every month to enjoy a whole host of benefits which, in turn, make them a loyal and captive audience.

While standard Amazon customers could decide to shop elsewhere if they don’t find exactly what they want on the marketplace, Prime customers have paid for the free and efficient delivery so are more likely to find what they want on the platform. And with millions of these customers active on the site daily, the chances are that someone will want what you’re selling.

4. A whole new audience

When you sell on Amazon, you open your products out to a whole new audience without even trying. Which leads us onto our next point…

5. You don’t need to build a platform from scratch

Every Amazon product page boasts the same layout and look, which means that you need only supply the right information and visuals to bring your page to life.

For new sellers just starting out, this is of particular benefit and prominence because it allows them to test and bring their products to market with minimal investment in their online presence.

6. Reviews are prominent

A benefit for both new and veteran sellers, one of the things that both sellers and customers love about Amazon is the clarity in reviews – with the star rating making product comparison very easy, bolstered by the presence of wordy reviews that are left by genuine customers after purchase.

We often talk about the importance of reviews as a form of user-generated content, with Amazon using these reviews to the advantage of all sellers (or at least, those who get positive reviews!)

7. Amazon FBA is easy to use

If you’re not already selling on Amazon then you may not be familiar with FBA – however, it is this which makes the platform so worthwhile, especially for sellers hoping to expand their business and core audience. FBA is a fulfilment service which sees Amazon take care of everything from your warehousing to inventory management, delivery, returns, and more – literally shouldering the burden of logistics, leaving you free to focus on product development and marketing.

This service, combined with listing optimisation from a company like Social Loop, can have you up and running on Amazon with as little as a simple internet connection and a few good products.

8. You don’t even need a website

Following on from the last point, one of the reasons why Amazon is so popular with sellers is that you don’t need a website to get started – rather, you can use the cookie cutter pages to build your own Amazon brand presence with ease, and with no web design expertise!

9. Amazon offers a level playing field

Another prominent benefit of selling on Amazon and a reason why you should be active on the platform regardless of the status of your business and its size, is that small businesses have as much opportunity to drive sales as big corporations and well-known brand names. Amazon search results pay no attention to the size of the brand name, rather, they match searches with genuinely relevant results and product pages.

In a world where SEO and brand strategy is crucial to website success, this is a refreshing alternative which is much less intimidating.

10. The reputation will do your brand wonders

Finally, what better way to secure some positive feedback for your brand, and to start building a pool of loyal customers, than by offering them the benefit of Amazon’s reputable delivery and customer service.

The fact is, Amazon is not just any old marketplace – it is a place where businesses are born, and where brands can grow exponentially in record time. If you think Amazon is a good fit for your next business move, and you want to learn more about optimising your presence on the Amazon marketplace, reach out to our team at Social Loop today.