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The Anatomy of a Successful Amazon Launch Strategy

Published on:

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A successful launch strategy is critical when adding, marketing, and ultimately selling products on the e-commerce powerhouse that is Amazon.

With so many active sellers and such a diverse range of products available across Amazon, standing out is key - with a successful launch considering the best time to launch in line with market demand and trends, and marrying the launch timing with an effective and well-crafted product page.

As experts in the world of digital, online sales, and marketing, here at Social Loop we work with Amazon sellers across all markets and industries - helping them to build successful strategies for boosting sales, increasing visibility, and launching new products on a regular basis. Today’s blog is focussed on the anatomy of a successful Amazon launch…

Understanding the Amazon Algorithm

Amazon’s algorithm is called the A9 algorithm and is the system through which Amazon decides which products to list under each user search.

The algorithm relies on keywords, your existing rate of sales and conversion, and how popular your products are with similar and like minded customers. If your product lines up and ticks all the boxes, Amazon will display it as one of many search results.

From there, it’s up to you and the quality of your listing title, description, and overall product page to convert a browser into a buyer.

Pre-Launch Phase on Amazon

So, where do we start?

Market Research

The first and most important thing to do when launching a new product on Amazon is to get to know the market and any competitors. Look at what they are doing, see how they use keywords, and determine what makes your product or offer different / better.

Product Optimisation

Get to know the anatomy of a good product listing so it not only meets the needs of the A9 algorithm and lands on the search results page, but also provides potential customers with everything they need to want to buy. This covers keywords and the description, high quality images, and the right product categories to place your listing in the right section of the site.

Inventory Management

An often overlooked part of the pre-launch strategy, it’s important to get your head around inventory so that you can launch with a substantial amount of stock - without overstocking or leaving yourself with too little stock to meet market demand.

Launch Phase

The following steps of your Amazon seller journey cover the product launch itself and how to maximise visibility and conversion.

Amazon product launch strategy

Pricing Strategy

The launch of a product is best announced in line with a competitive pricing initiative, for example a “new launch” deal or a multi-buy discount. Amazon supports a series of these deals, or you can formulate your own discount in line with anticipated demand for a new product.

Amazon Advertising

Again, Amazon supports a range of offers and advertising tools, with sponsored product and sponsored brand slots that you can pay for and unlock.

Advertising can and should also be optimised away from the marketplace site, using other platforms and marketing tools to drive customers to your Amazon listing. Social media is a good place to engage and capture prospective customers.

Leveraging Amazon’s Programs

From Amazon Prime to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), the marketplace offers a wide range of tools and programs which are designed to streamline your approach to selling and ensure that you are closely engaged with your target audience and customers.

Learn more about these programs with the support of Social Loop or through your own research and decide which support your needs.

Post-Launch Activities

This is where it’s important to balance celebration and the collection of customer feedback with ongoing maintenance and optimisation - taking care not to become too complacent following a successful launch.

Use customer feedback to improve listings and to support future sales, while focussing on performance data and advertising success to drive future sales.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

Amazon is a marketplace that’s full of opportunity for new products and exciting new business ventures - but it’s not without its potential pitfalls and obstacles.

Ensuring that you deliver on customers’ expectations for an easy purchase process and quick delivery is key to unlocking success on Amazon. What’s more, you need to meet Amazon’s guidelines with regards to product titles and listing information, or else risk falling foul of penalties and other issues.

Here at Social Loop, we work with countless Amazon sellers - fine-tuning their launch strategies and supporting a cohesive journey for each and every customer. The more prepared you are for the pre-launch, launch itself, and post-launch activity, the better, with preparation the key to success on Amazon and other marketplace sites.

Get in touch today to learn more about our Amazon marketing services.